Hallertau Tradition (GR) T90 Pellet 2.4% A.A. 1 Ounce

German Hallertau Tradition hops

2.4% AA

One ounce vacuum sealed package of T90 pellets.

Hop data:




Pedigree: At one time the major Hallertau landrace variety with a highly acclaimed aroma profile.

Disease/Pest Susceptibility :Sensitive to German wilt which resulted in reduction of its acreage and replacement by Hersbrucker over the 1970’s and 1980’s.

Cone-Structure: Lightish, fluffy cone

Lupulin: Pale to medium yellow in color

Aroma: Mild and pleasant

Alpha Acids: 3.5 – 5.5% w/w

Beta Acids: 3 – 4% w/w

Co-Humulone: 17 – 24% of alpha acids

Storageability: 50 – 60% alpha acids remaining after 6 months storage at 20º C

Total Oil: 0.7 – 1.3 mls/100 grams

Myrcene: 10 – 20% of whole oil

Humulene: 30 – 35% of whole oil

Caryophyllene: 7 – 10% of whole oil

Farnesene: <1% of whole oil

General Trade Perception: The classic German aroma hop associated with Bavarian style lager beers.

Possible Substitutions: Liberty, German Tradition, Ultra

Typical Beer Styles: Lager, Bock, Pilsner, Weizen, Belgian-Style Ales, Alt, Lambic, Kölsch, Munich Ales

Additional Information: Limited areas grown in the US, tends to grow best in the milder climates of Oregon and northern Idaho

Hallertau Tradition (GR) T90 Pellet 2.4% A.A. 1 Ounce
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